“The Biggest Scary Thing”

This week’s issue of The Gracie Press Newsletter was sent out yesterday morning. if yours did not arrive in your email “inbox,” you may want to check your “junk” or “spam” folders.

The drawing above is this week’s cover image, and it introduces the next book we are working on and its working title. A new character, The Robin, is introduced in the story except of the newsletter. Throughout previous books, songbirds have interacted with my chickens just as they do in real life. The Robin is the first to be named and will have a few surprises in the coming weeks for my chickens and our readers. (Yes, there are some birds with secret lives!)

To subscribe, just go to newsletter.GraciePress.com and provide your email address. You will get an email with a “Confirm subscription now” button. Select that, and you’re all set! Gracie and Bessie and all the others in our little flock will be heading for your email box about once a week with our latest news, stories, illustrations, special offers, and free gifts!

We are getting close to the three-year anniversary of “My Life With Gracie,” and we will likely end our posting through WordPress at that time. I am looking to cut down on expenses like the WordPress annual fee and to make the sharing process less complicated and outside of social media.

The biggest reason for wanting to move to “Gracie Press” and newsletter has to do with Gracie herself. She is slowing down and needing my help much more than before. (She never fully recovered from the foot injury she had last year.) I know one day “My Life With Gracie” will be only memories. Using “Gracie Press” as a book imprint, website, and newsletter instead of “My Life With Gracie” seems the best way to continue sharing the goodness I will always see in her heart once that day comes.

15 thoughts on “The Biggest Scary Thing

    1. Good question, Will. Definitely the newsletter, but I’m not so sure about Facebook. I have read in some of the writer’s groups that I’ve followed that there are some authors who have had some negative experiences with a Facebook page. The “My Life With Gracie” Facebook page has done okay, but not phenomenally well by any means. I have tried a few Facebook ads, but they really didn’t produce the results that some other self-published authors have experienced. I’m not sure what “the magic formula” is, but if I do discover it, you will be the first to know! I have to say, I really do like Revue. It’s easier to use than WordPress, and it really does improve my focus on what I’m presenting. Thanks for keeping up with us!

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      1. I quit Facebook in December. It took me a month to get over the addiction, but now I don’t even think about it. I miss my FB friends, but I don’t want to support a site that seems so opposed to the things I value.
        I agree about FB ads. They didn’t do a thing to sell HK. I think my target ad groups probably wondered why HK was showing up on their pages.
        As for WP, I don’t care for the new block editor either, and trying to find and use the old way is difficult. But I’m not ready to give it up; it’s the only place besides Instagram I post my work.
        I haven’t forgotten my book of poetry. I’ve been so busy with work and travel I haven’t been able to dedicate the time to format the book. As soon as I do get back to it, I will let you know.
        Whew! I think that catches us up! My best to the girls ❤😀

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      2. I know what you mean about Facebook. I seldom check anything there any more. I’m still on the lookout for any fonts that I think might work for your book of poetry. Not that I don’t like the one you selected, but there just might be one out there that you will like even better! At least that’s the perspective my girls take when it comes to hunting for earthworms!


    1. Thanks! You may want to try Revue out, at least just to see how much smoother it is to compose. I could see a good amount of your content working very well in an newsletter format, particularly your book reviews and recommendations. WordPress is just too difficult now. I’ve tried to give it time because there is a learning curve to the new editor, but I’m more concerned with figuring the editor out than I am with making content that is as good as it can be.

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  1. GraciePress is a good way to go and I will be a subscriber, but this sentence filled me with sadness: “I know one day ‘My Life With Gracie’ will be only memories.”

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    1. Thank you for following our newsletter. Yes, it’s sad to watch her health declining slowly. She has her good days and she has her bad days. But her heart is always hopeful and she still makes me smile. When I started “My Life With Gracie,” I didn’t imagine it lasting past a few months. I thought I would run out of ideas or that no one would really be interested. But she and the others have a good number of fans, far more than I had ever expected. Perhaps the only regret I’ve had with “My Life With Gracie” was that I told about Blanche’s illness and death. It was even the mid-point of “How To Explain Christmas To Chickens.” But I am thinking that all six of them will always be together with both the Gracie Press website and newsletter. At least, that’s what I would like, and I hope that my readers will as well. Somewhere in all the craziness of the world, there needs to be one place where there is joy and sweetness. Thank you for your kindness. John


    1. Thanks, Lisa. I appreciate that. I will still be using the WordPress reader because that is a great way to be inspired. I don’t want to miss your family photos and updates and also your Christian perspective posts as well. My thought processing is changing from “My Life With Gracie” which has a time limitation (due to her needing my help more now) but “Gracie Press” as a website and newsletter does not have that same limitation. In fact, with the newsletter, I am signing it with my name and the names of all a six chickens which includes Blanche who is actually no longer with us. I may need to do some revisions on things with that, but I do like having a place where we are all together, even if it is only imaginary. I truly do appreciate your support and encouragement throughout this journey! John


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