About Scrambling

There are times when I think I may have been scrambling to catch up throughout my life. What other people find so easy always seems to be not so for me. Even my chickens do a little scrambling when they think one of them is onto something really good.

Bessie is currently the best hunter, and with cricket season coming on, she is at her prime. She was the first to notice how crickets liked to hide under the loose bricks holding up their water bottle. She knows when I go to give them fresh water, I always pour out the old water on the brick, and that flushes the crickets out of hiding. Then the others catch on and scramble after her to catch one.

More than once, Bessie will be walking away with the cricket gobbled down in a flash. She then has a clever nonchalance in her steps. This is as if to say, “It was nothing at all, Girls. Nothing at all.”

Sometimes they catch up with Bessie, and sometimes they even get the cricket instead of Bessie. Whether she plans it like that or not, I’m unsure. I think perhaps she may simply enjoy being ahead as the leader of the hunt. And perhaps the others scramble to catch up just to admire her and be with her, cricket or no cricket.

But I believe they may forget what they do really well and about the times that Bessie is actually following them. Like Amelia who knows before anyone else when I come out the back door first thing in the morning (no matter how quiet I try to be), they each have something at which they are “the best.”

My Life With Gracie showed me sometimes you have to scramble a little to catch up or slow down so others can catch up with you.

I will do my best to post each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Every “Like,” “Follow,” and “Comment” is truly appreciated!

About Scrambling

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