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About Prosperity

Autumn is a wonderful time to get out and do some work in the yard. The temperatures are cooler, and there’s always plenty to do to catch up with what wasn’t done in the heat and humidity of summer.

Prosperity has been on my mind a lot lately. This may be due in part to my age and often now wondering what I’ve accomplished in life that is real and lasting. If it hasn’t been done yet, it probably won’t be done unless it’s right here in my own backyard.

I will never have another house that’s bigger and nicer. Yet I do have a house and a yard and chickens to enjoy on a cool autumn day. I realize my house is an old one, and my finances have changed. Where once I could afford to renovate and restore, now I’m only hoping to “make do” with the resources I have. I know the day will probably come when the decline of my house will overtake my resources and my energy to get things done.

But on a lovely autumn day, all of those things are only passing thoughts. I take a break and sit with Blanche and Pearl and tell them, “Show me how pretty you are.”

In no time at all, they move from the shade to go and sit in the sun. Their white feathers reflect the light in the most beautiful way. They are stunning. They are gorgeous. In that moment, I feel so rich, so prosperous, and I can’t imagine wanting anything else.

Then Pearl nudges herself between the fencing of their chicken run and Blanche who is already as close as she can get to soak up as much of the sun’s warmth as possible. But Pearl is persistent, as only Pearl can be, and Blanche relents, surrenders her prime spot, and shifts over to a less sunny spot.

Pearl is happy. It wasn’t about having the sunniest spot. It was about having the attention. It was about “getting away with it” like only a best friend can. In no time at all, she was up and off and looking for something else to do.

My chickens believe that we are the most prosperous family on the block, perhaps in the whole neighborhood. It’s fine for them to believe that because when I look at them, I feel that way too.

The work on the stage set for Pearl’s comedy debut is coming along nicely. Some old boards and leftover paint can really turn into a nice backdrop for “Pearl’s Comedy Coop.” She still doesn’t know exactly what’s up which is fine.

Gracie has been giving me suggestions privately, but we haven’t told the others yet. I want Pearl’s audience to be supremely excited for her opening night.

The show will be just for us in the backyard. No one will be throwing money onto the stage. She won’t be getting a multi-million dollar contract. She will not go “viral” on YouTube. She will not be interviewed on the late night talk shows.

But she will have her moment, and we will all feel “like a million dollars,” and she will be what she has always wanted to be, a star comedian. This will be our gift to her.

My Life With Gracie gave me a new way of looking at prosperity, and suddenly my family is the richest in the whole neighborhood.

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About Prosperity