Not sure where to start? You can begin reading from the first “My Life With Gracie” post if you’d like. Just keep in mind that the illustrations and stories here have evolved over the years. That’s mostly due to having a great group of readers who share their thoughts and reactions.

I appreciate every “Like” and “Follow” received, and I will do my best to look at everyone’s work who has taken the time to respond to what I’ve created here. If I find something I like, then you’ll get a “Like” or two back. If I find something I really like, then you’ll get a “Follow” in return. For me, when I give a “Follow,” I’m giving a commitment to read what you post. For me, it’s not about collecting the most “Like’s” and “Follow’s.”

By the way, “Us” in the page title includes Gracie, Bessie, Blanche (who isn’t with us any longer but not forgotten), Pearl, Amelia, and Emily. Even chickens like getting email!