About Gracie And Me

Not sure where to start? You can begin reading from the first “My Life With Gracie” post if you’d like.

My name is John, and every now and then I do some doodling. Lately I’ve been doodling my chickens. This is mostly to help me remember them, particularly when they were just little chicks and the world was new and exciting for them.

Many years ago when I started college, I wanted to be an art major. Instead I switched to elementary education because I saw a greater need there, and so I taught just about everything except art in an inner city school system for twenty years.

It’s interesting how things turn out sometimes, isn’t it?

I left teaching to go back to college to get the studio art degree I had always wanted and perhaps then teach drawing on the college level. But part-time jobs and going to college again didn’t pay the bills. Soon I had to return to full-time work, only this time in the world of business and then human resources.

Yes, it’s interesting again how things turn out sometimes.

For me, drawing has always been how I make sense of the world. The time I spend with my chickens does that too, although I’m unsure just how.

It is difficult to imagine these simple drawings, really more like cartoons, ever accomplishing much of anything. They aren’t great art or even great drawings really. Still it would be nice to think that they are able to do what great art does…touch the heart.

My life with Gracie taught me sometimes the things you want in life just don’t happen, but if you really look, often there is something much better for you.