Today, August 2nd, marked the Third Anniversary of “My Life With Gracie.” There have been a lot of changes over the past three years, but one thing has not changed: our appreciation for our readers who have helped us to grow and improve in more ways than we can count.

We especially appreciated our fans who have followed us over to “The Gracie Press Newsletter.” The format there gives us more opportunities to share illustrations and stories with our readers in a “kid safe, non-internet website” format.

To subscribe, just go to and provide your email address. You will receive an email to confirm your subscription. You must confirm to successfully complete your subscription. While you are there, you can read previous issues.

The newsletter is sent out every Friday at 9:20 AM (East Coast Time). We haven’t missed a week yet, but some had been delivered when we were using the popular and busy 9:30 AM time slot. That’s why we switched to 10 minutes earlier.

And if you haven’t followed us over to the newsletter, that’s okay. We still truly appreciate your continued support and encouragement here on “My Life With Gracie”! (We just aren’t posting as often here with new stories and illustrations.)

We like the newsletter because it allows easier sharing with others, but we do miss the conversations that the comments on WordPress allow.

Thanks again, everyone!

12 thoughts on “Third Year Anniversary for “My Life With Gracie”

    1. Thanks, Will! We appreciate you. By the way, I gave a copy of “Honey Ko” to my mom for her birthday, and she loved it. She is a reader, especially with the pandemic. She was intrigued that you had an “Invocation” and “Benediction.” She especially found the author information fascinating. I will see if I can get her to leave a review on Amazon. (She mostly uses her computer for email these days.) She was thrilled to know that I am a “writing buddy” for someone who has had such a fascinating life!

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      1. John, you made my day 😊 Just yesterday someone on FB asked me how Honey Ko was doing. I hadn’t answered since I’d have to say sales have flattened, but I think I’ll answer that Honey Ko is doing great! Anytime the story makes someone happy turns the book into a bestseller. Tell your mom I said thank you for enjoying Honey Ko.

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