The Biggest Scary Thing

“The Biggest Scary Thing”

This week’s issue of The Gracie Press Newsletter was sent out yesterday morning. if yours did not arrive in your email “inbox,” you may want to check your “junk” or “spam” folders.

The drawing above is this week’s cover image, and it introduces the next book we are working on and its working title. A new character, The Robin, is introduced in the story except of the newsletter. Throughout previous books, songbirds have interacted with my chickens just as they do in real life. The Robin is the first to be named and will have a few surprises in the coming weeks for my chickens and our readers. (Yes, there are some birds with secret lives!)

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We are getting close to the three-year anniversary of “My Life With Gracie,” and we will likely end our posting through WordPress at that time. I am looking to cut down on expenses like the WordPress annual fee and to make the sharing process less complicated and outside of social media.

The biggest reason for wanting to move to “Gracie Press” and newsletter has to do with Gracie herself. She is slowing down and needing my help much more than before. (She never fully recovered from the foot injury she had last year.) I know one day “My Life With Gracie” will be only memories. Using “Gracie Press” as a book imprint, website, and newsletter instead of “My Life With Gracie” seems the best way to continue sharing the goodness I will always see in her heart once that day comes.