April 25th is Hatchday for Gracie and Bessie, and we want to celebrate! They are both four years old today. If you are counting the way chickens count, that’s one foot and one toe!

This morning, we launched The Gracie Press Newsletter! The content will be much like what you will find here at MyLifeWithGracie.com but it will be viewable in the safety of an email. That’s good for children and chickens and maybe grown-ups too!

As a special bonus, we will be giving away a copy of our most recent book, A Most Wondrous Place, to three randomly selected subscribers to our newsletter.

Anyone who signs up for our newsletter between April 25th and May 25th will be eligible!

Delivery will be through Amazon to any address that can receive Amazon packages. (This can be your delivery address or the address of someone else who might appreciate this special gift.)

To subscribe, just go to newsletter.GraciePress.com and provide your email address. You will get an email with a “Confirm subscription now” button. Select that, and you’re all set! Gracie and Bessie and all the others in our little flock will be heading for your email box about once a week with our latest news, stories, illustrations, special offers, and free gifts!

We are getting close to the three-year anniversary of “My Life With Gracie,” and we will likely end our posting through WordPress at that time.

I am looking to cut down on expenses (like the WordPress annual fee) and make the sharing process less complicated and outside of social media.

The newsletter will be through Revue. Their composing tools are much easier to use than what is currently available through WordPress, and Revue is free! As an added bonus, when you go to newsletter.GraciePress.com, you can view all “Previous Issues” in a simple one-page layout. Why not check it out now?!?

13 thoughts on “Happy Hatchday, Gracie and Bessie!

  1. John, I’m featuring you on my blog site today. Since there was no Reblog button, I went ahead and pasted one of your earlier posts there. Hope you’re OK with that. I wanted to introduce more people to your delightful work!

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    1. It is funny you should say that, because I am considering writing a chicken dictionary! But seriously, I’m not always sure people catch the message that runs through my stories. They may seem to be about chickens, but they are really about Light and Life and Love which are three of my favorite names for Jesus in John’s Gospel.

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