My final proof of “A Most Wondrous Place” arrived yesterday from Amazon, and it looks great! Illustrations are clear and colorful. Text is error-free as far as my multiple readings can find.

I checked Amazon this morning, and it is available now! If you have Amazon Prime, it can be ordered with an arrival date of Saturday, April 3rd. That would be just in time for Easter Sunday! (For me, this is an extra bonus surprise for me!)

Baby chicks just seem to go with Easter, but these on paper don’t need to be fed! And you don’t have to chase them around your yard either!

The link is for Amazon in the United States, but this book is also available in the other Amazon websites worldwide. (Order arrival dates may vary in other countries.)

16 thoughts on “Sometimes Good Things Happen A Little Early!

    1. You are so very welcome, our dear friend. We will be sending you a copy! Perhaps it can travel with you on your next trip to visit Bradu, Norway and those precious friends, especially Sne and Baldur!

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      1. You, your fluffy girls and chicken wisdoms will always go along with me …regardless which path or destination I choose, John.
        Thank you so much.
        You can be proud of all stages you have mastered. Keep on wandering. No doubt, there are many most wonderous places to discover… in The World …and which is more…within the universe you carry and protect inside yourself .

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    1. Thank you, Judi! I appreciate you so much. I would love to send a signed and personalized copy to you as a gift. Your encouragement throughout all of these months has been priceless to me. Just email your delivery address to and it would be my pleasure to give you this special gift of thanks and appreciation!

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    1. Thanks, Lisa. And don’t forget there’s also a free coloring book to download and print! (It’s on the website which is outside of WordPress and doesn’t have any social elements or ads, etc.) Thanks again!

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