If all goes well, this book will be available in early April. It is the first to be published under the Gracie Press imprint. I hope this video captures the sweet and hopeful feelings I would like readers to take away from this story.

The only illustration in the video but not in the book is the first one from The Feed And Seed Store. I do like it though because it shows the vulnerability that we all may feel from time to time when things don’t make sense and we are unsure about life and the future.

This is what I call a “read-beside-me book.” That’s because it is best shared side-by-side in a big comfortable chair. The story contains words children may need to hear aloud from the important adults in their lives.

One of my favorites is “You are more important to me than anything.” I imagine the reader pausing at that point and saying, “I feel the same way about you.” With all that is going on in the world and with all of the distractions of daily life, it is something children need to hear from the important people in their lives. Another is “You are so much more than good enough.”

Maybe, if nothing else, this book can help us speak from our hearts to children (and chickens) so that they will know, “This world is truly A Most Wondrous Place for me because you and I share it together with Love.”


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21 thoughts on “A “Read-Beside-Me” Book Video

    1. Thanks so much, Sally! The song fit so well the feeling that I wanted to create from beginning to end. Each of us, no matter how small and fragile, each of us matters and so do our hopes and dreams.


    1. Thank you, my friend. My chickens make my eyes a bit wet from time to time too. For me, they are often a reminder of how fragile life is…how so much seems to be beyond our control…and how important it is to never give up hope. They greet each new day as a new adventure where something good can happen. And they dance.

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  1. Oh, John, it’s so beautiful it made me cry! You are such a beautiful soul with such a beautiful talent. ❤️ I am not a re-blogger, but I am today; this fits right in with what I was reflecting on and posted last night, too… ❤️ I am an adult who needed to hear these things. ❤️ (I am also always touched that you always seem to catch up with reading my own words: I have always appreciated you. And I’m so glad we both helped Dave with his book. ❤️ You make this community so authentic and special.)

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    1. Shared the link on my “Clues & Pieces” post: “The morning after writing this post, I discovered my friend’s beautiful video capturing one of his “children’s” books (with his gorgeous artwork and inspired by his dear chickens). It made me cry. And the timing and relevance…so special. Please do take a moment to be moved. Please do yourself the favor of enjoying more of John’s work and soul:” ❤

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