This weekend, my chickens and I have been enjoying the strong beautiful fragrance of the sweet osmanthus (tea olive) tree which is now taller than me even though I planted it only a few years ago. We have also be enjoying the beautiful color of the beauty berry bush’s fruit.

Most of these berries will be eaten by the songbirds, but a few will sprout and expand their territory just a bit farther out into the shady parts of the yard. You can probably see where an insect has already been eating the beauty berry’s leaves here and there, but that’s just part of life in the garden.

A soft rain overnight gives everything a wet shine, and I think the raindrops hitting the osmanthus blossoms release even more of its sweet indescribably perfume into the garden. At times I can even smell it from inside the house!

I hope you will find your own Sunday Surprises to delight your senses and give your heart a bit of rest.

A huge amount of appreciation goes out to my volunteer test readers! This option is now closed while I prepare the files.

6 thoughts on “My Life With Gracie…Sunday Surprises!

  1. The flowering gifts of fall are all that much more precious as the season shades gradually into colder weather. There is also something crystalline about the light in early fall that helps these late offerings to shine out. Lucky are those of us with fall seasons.


    1. Yes, absolutely! You will be my third test reader and final test reader. I’ll be happy to send you a free paperback copy once that is ready. (I only budgeted for three.) I’m leaving the online version available through the end of this week because due to the scheduling needs of another test reader. The website is and my email address is for any comments, suggestions, etc. Thanks a million! (Hopefully this will be as sweet and wonderful as what my readers have come to expect.)


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