More Than What We Are Right Now

Recently someone asked me, “Is Gracie your chicken or your wife?”

I replied, “Gracie is one of my absolutely amazing chickens. She is a beautiful Buff Orpington with a very gracious heart which is why she is named Gracie.”

My own heart enjoyed this question, though I am not completely sure why. I hoped this had been asked because the questioner found a special love in my words and illustrations.

I remember once, a little more than twenty-four years ago, when someone had told me, “We can never be anything more than what we are right now.”

Those words come back to me today, almost as clearly as when they were spoken on that front porch swing. It was a summer night, warm with only a light breeze. A golden retriever lay nearby, listening and trying to figure out what those words meant.

The most fragile realities seem to be the ones which depend the most on other people.

And so I wonder if that has anything to do with why I love Gracie so much. She gives me the dream of having someone to come home to, and I give her the dream of being someone to come home to…and of dancing ballet.

As long as there are stories and drawings, Gracie and I will surely be more than what we are right now…L’artiste et son beau poulet dansant…The artist and his beautiful dancing chicken.

I could tell there was still something troubling her. “What else do you want to know, Gracie?”

“In the ballet book, can you draw a picture of me dancing with you in the streets of Paris? I don’t think we will ever really get to dance there together.”

“Of course, Gracie. Drawing lets you do things you would never be able to do any other way.”

From “Seasons Of Friendship”

Each post shares a glimpse into my journey as a writer and illustrator. Every “Like,” “Follow,” and “Comment” is truly appreciated! Today is my 62nd birthday, and today just seemed to be the best day to share this story and illustration.

23 thoughts on “My Life With Gracie…More Than What We Are Right Now

  1. Delayed but hopefully not too late….Happy B`Day!

    …and thank you for your thoughts. I had the idea that Gracie represent your better self…

    Cit. “We can never be anything more than what we are right now.”…?! The person who told you this, could have been an old Indian Hindu who is trapped in a traditional caste system. Terrible.

    I`ve learnt that you need drive to grow. Without any dream or vision, you won`t have orientation….and of course, the journey is the destination.
    I`ve repeatedly made the experience that achieved goals are not satisfying at all….admittedly, achievements can be quite boring – in particular if they were too easy to achieve. I know, I should be thankful but I appreciate the journey much more.

    And possibly, the city of Paris and the Ballet Palais Garnier & Opera Bastille is much more magic in Gracie`s dream than in reality.

    Dreams are shaping us.
    Gracie is a prima ballerina as you are an artist & author.
    And all of us are not only “someone” but unique personalities with an universe of ideas, thoughts, needs, dreams, wishes and experiences.
    Dream big….Jump!
    ….Assamble, changement, sissonne….et Grand Jeté!

    Grand Jeté = the well-known, huge forward splits jump, landing with the other foot than the one you`ve started with.


    1. No need to worry. It was a day, almost like any other, and that was quite alright with me!

      Yes, dreams do shape us, and for that I am truly grateful. Perhaps that is what a good deal of these posts are about…dreaming dreams which may never come true, but at least while we are dreaming them, they work to make us better than who we are right now.

      You’re right about how it can sometimes be to achieve dreams only to feel let down, as if everything has fallen flat, no lightens, no joy, no Grand Jeté!

      We are all part of an immense Dance Of Life, and so we should dance joyously as we marvel at how it all flows together with an incomprehensible choreography.

      C’est magnifique!


      1. Yes!
        But I would go even a step further…
        Your dream comes true if you dream / used your imagination only.
        For instance I couldn’t exercise Karate for a long time. My sensei told me I should simply use my imagination, visualize and memorize how the movement, breathing, dynamic, rhythm tension and relaxation feels.
        On youtube, I found a video of a JKA team Kata (= traditional choreography) with a Karate student without real arms and legs performing a strong Kata….

        Liked by 1 person

      2. PS: I would have brought you a self-made cake (for my family this sounds like a threat…but at least my cakes are capable to hold a candle…to provide you with a wish) and some wine….🌽(for the girls ) 🎂🍷🍷

        Liked by 1 person

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