As much as I tried to convince Emily to let me use a different picture, this is the one she insisted should be used for today. The one I wanted to use showed her sitting peacefully on her favorite perch looking out at the world. In that photo, she looks so content with every feather placed perfectly, a gracious little lady.

Here she is running beside her best friend, Amelia, as they hurried to see what was moving on the other side of their backyard run. That’s Emily on the right. She is looking quite intense and even intimidating (if you’re a worm or beetle), but honestly, she is a gentle sweetheart, as shown in the photo at the end of this post.

Both Emily and Amelia like the way the photo makes their feet blurry and shows how fast they are running. They also like how their feet are moving in unison, showing how close they are even though they are different kinds of chickens. Although they aren’t quite ready for “Sports Illustrated,” one of these days they may be! (Or should I say “Sports Illustrated” isn’t quite ready for them?!?)

One of the things I love about Emily, which this photo doesn’t show, is how large and round her eyes are. She sees everything. She would say it’s because she is the smallest and seeing everything helps her survive. I say it’s because she has the heart of an artist and a philosopher. Her eyes were what prompted me to write the series, “Emily’s Summer Drawing Camp.”

Before I close out this post, I want to thank everyone who read and also commented on yesterday’s post. Seriously, seriously, seriously, thank you so much! Every comment (both on the main website and on our Facebook page) gave me something new to consider as I work on writing a novel about Amelia’s journey beyond our little backyard garden. It’s the one tentatively titled, “Conversations With Amelia.”

For those of you who left comments, I haven’t responded to any of them yet because sometimes it takes a day or two for regular readers to catch up. I don’t want any of my comments to sway how others read and respond.

15 thoughts on “Family Photo Friday!

    1. Thanks so much! We are fortunate to live in a city that allows chickens. All of the cities surrounding ours doesn’t allow chickens. This has always surprised me. Ours is a small city, surrounded by larger cities. I hope that reading about my little flock helps you imagine what it would be like and to perhaps pretend you have chickens of your own. John

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  1. True wing(wo)men!

    I wonder what kind of conspirative plan they were concocting when you took the picture….paparazzi-alike. In particular Emily looks a bit caught.
    Maybe, they were talking about your next birthday..?
    Or do they have other secrets, they didn`t share with you yet?

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    1. Ha! Ha! Wing(wo)men! I really like that! Look a bit caught? Yes, I thought the same thing. We have a sport here in the States called “roller derby,” and this photo reminds me of that! My grandfather would watch that every Sunday afternoon on their small sized black and white television set. There was a lot of checking and blocking and elbowing others out of the way. Perhaps this is a new game they have created for themselves?!? Or perhaps there is a secret involved, just as you suggest!!!


  2. I can never get enough of these cuties! I don’t have a facebook account right now but if I’ll have one in future, I will surely say Hi to the chickens!

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