Family Photo Friday

Would you say there seems to be a little competition between Amelia and Bessie to see who gets to stand on top of my shoes now that Gracie has thoroughly checked them out?

But remember, those shoelaces could turn into earthworms at any moment! Or there could be a treat in my hand that no one else knows about! Actually it was just a cup of morning coffee. How disappointing!

Have a great Friday, everyone!

17 thoughts on “Family Photo Friday!

  1. COMPLAINT: Obviously, you and your cute feathered famliy have brainwashed me!

    When I opened a new egg box today, I found a little, frail and incredibly fluffy down feather of light brown colour on top of the eggs.
    I am not kidding…My first spontaneous thought was: “I hope youยดre fine”…and “Thank you for the eggs”.

    OMG! I am becoming even more weird…
    By the way, I`ve kept the cute down feather. It is laying on the desk next to my lapytop right now.

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  2. Since I`ve learnt that Amelia is the adventureous spirit among your chickens, John, I wonder if you thought of Amelia Earhart when you baptized her..?

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    1. That is a great question! She was actually named by her original owners who raised her from a hatchling (along with Emily and more than a dozen others). She was always the first to learn to do anything like flap and jump to the top of their water container.

      I remember quite well visiting them when they were still in their playpen. Amelia would fly up to the edge of the playpen and walk back and forth and look at everything in the “outside world.” She has always loved to fly and to explore. They named her after Amelia Earhart because of that too!

      She and Emily came to live with me when they were told by their city that they didn’t have enough land to keep chickens. (They needed to have five and a half acres which is really quite odd since my home is on just over two small city-sized lots of maybe an eighth of an acre! But different city, different rules.)

      Amelia has my heart wrapped around her littlest feather. I’ve been told she and I are quite alike in many ways. She will take my heart with her wherever her adventurous spirit takes her!


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