Free Eggs And Free Cartoons!

With today being the first day of a new year, it is important for me to reflect on what “My Life With Gracie” is all about.

Why am I doing this? Why are my chickens doing this? And why are they willing to risk being mobbed by the paparazzi when they become famous all over the world? (Who knows? It could happen!)

Quite simply, it’s all about “Free Eggs (if you are close by) and Free Cartoons (with stories even if you aren’t)!” Oh, and maybe there will be some bits of what you might call “chicken wisdom” along the way.

Each week whenever possible, my chickens and I give away half-dozen cartons of the best “city eggs” anywhere! We would put them up against “country eggs” any day of the week!

These go to friends, neighbors, and even strangers who might need something to brighten their day. I always try to remind people to wear sunglasses before cracking them open because the yolks are that intense!

Gracie and the others would say it’s all about their eggs since they do most of the real work, and they are quite right! My illustrations and stories are just my attempt to have something of value to share as well. (Nobody likes to be left out!)

Giving. Giving Our Very Best. It’s just what we do. That’s what “My Life With Gracie” is all about.

In 2019, we are trying to broaden our audience, and so we are trying out the following sites:




Before closing, I also want to make sure to thank you, our readers, for your “likes,” “follows,” and “comments.” Those things let me know if we really are giving and giving our very best!

Gracie, Bessie, Blanche, Pearl, Amelia, Emily…and John

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