Trick Or Treat! Smell My Feet!

Between us, I think chickens have an odd sense of humor. It’s the kind of thing you either get or you don’t. For example, “Trick Or Treat! Smell My Feet!” is completely hilarious to a chicken. There doesn’t seem to be any explanation for why they find this so funny.

The above cartoon is my best rendering of Pearl’s costume from her comedy debut this past Saturday. A complete joke-by-joke account will be shared with you this Saturday.

The hot pink nail polish and lipstick were completely her doing from when I left a can of paint open while preparing the “Pearl’s Comedy Coop” set. The Carmen Miranda look-alike hat is from some unknown stash. Chickens are remarkably resourceful.

I have a feeling children may understand and appreciate chicken humor better than adults. For this and other cartoons which are presented in both Chicken and English, my suggestion is for children to read the parts in Chicken and for adults to read the parts in English.

It has been my experience that children are often able to read Chicken long before they are able to read English. Unfortunately there is no educational research yet to definitively prove this. Funding for this type of project is always unpredictable.

The ability to speak and read Chicken also seems to be a skill that disappears with age if not used. Even the simple bilingual cartoon above is presented to you only after a great deal of tutoring from one of my other chickens, Bessie. She has told me I need more work on my vowels.

In the spirit of bridging the communication gap between chickens and humans, you may wish to print and post today’s cartoon at home, at work, or anywhere you feel may need some decoration and humor! After all, tomorrow is Halloween!

Somehow I think Pearl and the others chickens help to bring back the simple, uncomplicated days of trick-or-treating from my own childhood. That was a time when mummies and pirates were the scariest costumes, and an old sheet with two holes for eyes would always be good as a ghost at the last minute. Candy was always safe, and no one enjoyed frightening children with graphic images of evil and insanity.

Thanks for reading whether you “Trick Or Treat” or not…and also whether you “Smell My Feet” or not! Be safe out there. It’s not too late to put together a Halloween costume like Pearl’s!

I will do my best to post each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Every “Like,” “Follow,” and “Comment” is truly appreciated!

Trick Or Treat

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