My Life With Gracie…On Giving Patience

My Life With Gracie...On Giving Patience

Chickens and gardens go together…well, sorta, kinda, in a way.

They are great at scratching up weeds…but they can also scratch up and eat your seedlings.

They are great at digging in your soil…but they tend to just dig in one spot like a crater, not in a row. It would be nice if they worked like little tilling machines, but that isn’t going to happen.

Still, it is enjoyable when I’m preparing a new planting bed with some chicken helpers. Of course we have completely different objectives. I want to prepare the soil for seeds and seedlings. They want to find earthworms and bugs.

Chickens understand food really well. It’s like there are only two things in life: “food” and “not food.” Well, that’s not totally correct.

In their minds, it’s probably more like: “food” and “not quite food yet, but almost.” I get the feeling they would do just about anything to get the “not quite food” to become “food” as quickly as possible.

Chickens are quite impatient with garden crops. They are positively sure every cucumber and squash and especially watermelon is for them.

Their clucking sounds a lot like, “Why doesn’t someone remove this fence for us?!? Why doesn’t someone cut open this watermelon for us?!?” If I let them, they would eat every leaf off of the watermelon plants before the watermelons they love had time to grow and ripen.

To tell the truth, I’m often just as impatient as my chickens when it come to some things and perhaps even more impatient! There are times when I think patience just might be the greatest gift I can give…or receive.

My Life With Gracie convinced me patience is one of the hardest but most valuable gifts you can give.

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My Life With Gracie...On Giving Patience

Family Photo Friday!

Family Photo Friday

Each Friday when possible, I’d like to post a photo of Gracie or one of my other chickens…maybe all them! This is so everyone can have a better idea of the inspirations behind the cartoons posted here. (Yes, Gracie is a real chicken, not just a cartoon chicken!)

Hold onto your heart! A post here at “My Life With Gracie” this week was about giving. Just so you don’t think all little chicks are filled with generosity, this week’s photo is of My Boy Lefty and two of his friends playing Tug-Of-War to see who gets a wheat sprout…when there is already a full dish of them!

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My Life With Gracie…Receiving Well

My Life With Gracie...Receiving Well

Caring for baby chicks everyday in their brooder box was tremendously fun. Nevertheless, I was relieved when it was time to move them into the great big outdoors. They are noisy!

Their world expanded tremendously. It also gave them a chance to see I was more than a big hand above them bringing food and water and checking their little bottoms for “pasty butt.” They saw their Chicken Daddy was a big 6 foot 2 inch 240 pound Protector and Provider!

They also had a chance to see how much they had their big old Chicken Daddy wrapped around their little baby feathers! Did I mind? Not really. But I noticed something different about Gracie when I started hand-feeding them in their new chicken run.

Summer corn is always a favorite. On the cob is good. Cut off of the cob and in a dish is better. But everyone knows cut off of the cob and then hand-fed tastes best!

Whenever I was hand-feeding the chickens, all of the others kept their eyes on the treats in my hand, but not Gracie. She kept her eyes on my face. Even with her most favorite treats, she kept her eyes on my face. She trusted me to get what she loved right to her without worrying over whether she would be overlooked or left out.

This trust, probably more than anything else, made me love her as “My Best Girl Ever.” This one simple act touched my heart more than the lump on her side, more than how she wasn’t as social as the others, and more than my concern she might never become an egg-laying hen.

Gracie just looked at my face and trusted me to guide treats right to her waiting beak. She wouldn’t take her eyes off of my face even when those treats were her favorite bites of banana. The others would eagerly follow my hand. Gracie’s gaze stayed fixed unblinkingly on my face.

Gracie is a much better receiver than I may ever be.

My Life With Gracie showed me how to look at the face and not at the hand of the giver.

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My Life With Gracie...Receiving Well